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We are all well aware of the significant impact that the coronavirus/Covid-19 is/are having on our everyday lives. At Tessie Cleveland Community Services, the health and well-being of our clients, team members, and communities is our top priority. We understand the concern and uncertainty you may be experiencing surrounding the coronavirus (COVID-19) and are committed to being responsive to the needs of our clients and team members as the situation continues to evolve. 

We are therefore introducing Virtual Class options. You can now attend classes in the comfort of your home on your computer, smartphone, ipad or any electronic device. For further information please call Tessie Cleveland Community Services HOPE Program (323) 586-7333 Ext 7302. 

Anger Management

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Anger Management Classes.non price 2021
Anger Management Classes.non price 2021

Anger is a natural basic human emotion that is often used to express negative feelings. Road rage, violent behavior, inappropriate verbal attacks, aggression, bullying others, and lack of appreciation for others are examples of issues that benefit from anger management. Tessie Cleveland Community Services offers the Anderson and Anderson™ curriculum which is the most effective and widely recognized anger curriculum in the world. It focuses on introducing behavior strategies for identifying and managing anger, stress and conflict while enhancing emotional intelligence and assertive communication.


Parenting Class. Comb-compressed Eng.jpg
Parenting Class. Comb-compressed Spanish

The award-winning Breakthrough Parenting program is presented by a Certified experienced Parenting Instructor, and is based on Dr. Jayne A. Major’s practical research and real-life experience in training over 20,000 parents. This parenting education course offers an in-depth understanding of the underlying causes of children’s behavior which is key. Applying the Breakthrough Parenting proven methods can turn power struggles with your child into cooperation and communication.


Breakthrough Parenting® teaches parents that the old authoritarian and permissive methods for raising children are the main causes of power struggles and fail to help children develop the “inner guidance” they need to learn to think for themselves and to care about others. Breakthrough Parenting® offers a proven method for raising cooperative, happy and self-confident children.

Our classes will teach you how to:


  • Set appropriate and clear boundaries together with your children.

  • Discipline in a way that promotes willing cooperation from your children.

  • Turn mistakes into positive learning experiences.

  • Promote confidence and healthy self-esteem.

  • Help all family members accept personal responsibility for their actions.

  • Prepare teenagers to make responsible choices as they become

  • Form a deep and lasting bond with your children.

Our programs are designed for those who are seeking self-help; court mandated referrals, those referred by Mental Health Agencies, Substance Abuse Counselors, DCFS, Probation, as well as concerned parents, and spouses. Classes are offered in the mornings and evenings for your convienance, and we offer We offer 6, 8, 12, 26, & 52 week program options based on your need. Classes are offered in the evenings including weekends. For more information, please contact us!

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