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Export markup from your drawings directly to PDF or other file formats to provide feedback or share design changes.Work with export markup that can be embedded directly into other applications, like Google Earth, Sketchup, and more. (video: 1:20 min.)Edit line weight, thickness, line-cap style, or line-join style with Dynamic Line Style Editing in any drawing region. The Line Style Editing in a drawing is now available in two new modes: Preview and List.The Preview Mode shows you an animated preview of line editing for easy, fast, and accurate line-oriented edits. With the list mode, you see your changes in a static list that lets you scroll to preview the change before applying it.The Interactive Line Style Editing tool now enables easy toggling between drawing and annotation modes in any drawing region. (video: 1:35 min.)New and expanded line drawing tools:Create double- and triple-bend lines with the New Double and New Triple Bend commands.The Draw Polyline tool has an additional parameter to set the crossing distance between line segments.Add and remove splines with the New Spline and Delete Spline tools.Enable the New Bevel tool to create a simple beveled border or create compound bevels with the New Compound Bevel tool.Rotate and mirror parts or component views with the New Mirror and Rotate commands.Create boundary or general polyline elements with the new New General Polyline tool.Prevent objects from "spreading" in the New Spreading Prevent command.Use the New Hole tool to draw holes in shapes or freeform surfaces.Use the New Polygon tool to draw freeform polygons.Use the New Polygon Corner tool to create complex, free-form polygon corners.Generate complex freeform curves with the New Proportional Bend tool.Use the New Pen tool to draw in a closed shape or create freeform curves with the Draw Beveled Pen tool.Use the new Custom Polyline tool to create custom polyline templates.Append objects with the new Append command.Draw spline path arcs with the New Spline Path Arc command.Make objects easier to see in lighting environments with the new Ind 2be273e24d


AutoCAD X64

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