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Suicide is Not Chosen

The death rates for eight of the 10 leading causes of death have decreased significantly, but not for the tenth leading cause — suicide. The national suicide rate has increased to 12.6 suicide deaths per 100,000 and for ages 18 to 35 — the prime of one’s life — only unintentional injuries account for more deaths.

Someone in this country dies by suicide every 12.9 minutes. And one of those deaths was a beautiful 16-year-old girl I knew and loved...

I’m adding my voice to a growing chorus determined to make suicide prevention a national priority. I’m honored to serve on the National Action Alliance for Suicide Prevention’s Executive Committee and I applaud the work of the Alliance’s Research Task Force, co-led by National Institute of Mental Health Director Tom Insel and Jed Foundation Board Chair Phil Satow. Their Prioritized Research Agenda for Suicide Prevention: An Action Plan to Save Lives gives us a suicide prevention roadmap.

If we implement the roadmap with fidelity, we will reduce suicides by 20 percent in the next five years and by 40 percent in the next 10.

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