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Tessie Cleveland Culinary Academy

TCCSC’s culinary program offers classroom instruction from industry professionals along with practical, hands on experience to ensure the finest skill enhancement. Whether you are looking to enter the culinary profession, just want to learn basic cooking skills, or enjoy recreational classes focused on specific menus, we offer classes for you. Classes are taught by experienced chef instructors in our state of the art kitchen classrooms. Each student receives individual attention and experiences hands-on participation.



All our cooking classes focus on proper technique and seasonal ingredients. We offer part time professional cooking and baking programs throughout the year, which give students the training they need to become professional chefs or to cook like professionals. The professional series are designed to fit within the schedules of working people and meet once a week for four hours.

We have a huge variety of recreational classes including ethnic classes, skill-building classes and ingredient-based classes. We also offer summer cooking camps for kids and teens. All classes are hands-on, so students truly learn through participation. We have daytime classes, evening classes and weekend classes to suit every schedule, and most recreational classes run for three hours.


  • Professional Series

  • Recreational Series

  • Sunday Recreational Series

  • Cooking 101

  • Kids Camp

  • Young Adult Boot Camp

  • Choose the class series that is right for you!



Cooking 101


We are not born with the ability to cook up the most scrumptious blueberry pancakes for that Sunday morning breakfast, just like your mom or Aunt JoJo does.  Maybe you never watched Aunt JoJo make the pancakes or you were helping with other tasks, so you did not have the time to see how those fluffy layers of goodness were created.  Perhaps you were simply afraid the pancakes would never come out as delicious.  Studies show that the best way people learn these skills is by having a good role model in the kitchen.

Why not start now?  It’s never too late to learn how to cook, no matter what the excuse is.  All you need is the basic knowledge of what to do and how to do it. 

This course was implemented for you!  It’s designed to start at beginning, giving you that basic understanding of the tools and contents (even recipes) used in the kitchen.    The purpose is to give you a foundation to build on so that you feel more comfortable learning how to cook!


Course is open for clients of Tessie only. 


Intro to Cooking Classes


8 week course Certificate will be issued upon course completion



Week 1 Introduction, Food History, Kitchen/Food Safety

  • Tour of kitchen and kitchen equipment

  • Cooking Demonstration


Sanitation & Personal Hygiene (Video Presentation)

  • Hand washing Demonstration

  • Student  Participation


Week 2 Food Service Equipment (Knife Handling Skills) (Demonstration)

  • Knife cutting demonstration

  • Student participation

  • Mesin Place


Week 3 Nutrition, Working Together, Preparation and Cooking (Speaker, Video) Elaine Williams PhD. RD (T.H.E. Clinic Inc.)

  • Produce Vendor

  • Student Interaction


Week 4 Menu Planning, Preparing a basic recipe (Soup and Salad)

  • Student participate in food preparation


Week 5 Menu Planning Preparing a basic recipe – (Entrée, Vegetable & Starch)

  • Student participate in food preparation


Week 6 Preparing a basic dessert


Week 7 Field Trip, 4:30pm – 8pm (Farmers Market CCFM)


Week 8 Prepare meal / Graduation

  • Students participate in preparation of complete meal and Graduation


Students will received a Certificate of Course Completion at the end of the course.

Professional Series


The professional cooking course is designed to give students the training needed to pursue a career in cooking or to cook like a professional. Classes meet once a week for four hours. The program is limited to twelve students per series. Students work with a partner in order to cover a substantial amount of material.


Course is open to the public. 



Advanced Cooking Classes


PRO1000 Pro Series Intro

Soups to Nuts $180


The first mini-series in our set of Professional Clases is Soups to Nuts. In these four classes we will go through each course starting from the prep and ending with dessert.


Class 1: Knife Skills / Sanitation

This class provides a foundation for all culinary education and teaches the correct knife techniques needed to be a safe and successful cook. We will demonstrate proper handling and sharpening of knives and students will learn how to slice, dice and mince a variety of ingredients. The chef will also demonstrate how to cut up a chicken.


Class 2: Salads / Dressings

This miniseries will cover all types of salads, from small plated to elaborate presentation salads, bounded mayonnaise, other dressings and vinaigrettes will be presented. Students shall identify a variety of salad greens, prepare a variety of salad dressings, prepare and present salads.


Class 3: Soups and Breads

Soup is comforting, especially during the winter months—classic chicken soup with vegetables or creamy clam chowder warms the body and feeds the mind. Paired with salad and freshly baked bread, soup makes a healthy and satisfying meal. Soup may have an added health benefit, too: studies show that soup produces greater feelings of satiety than other types of food. Researchers speculate that it may have to do with the high water content. Also, when soup is piping hot we eat it more slowly and that gives us time to notice when we feel full. Our healthy soup recipes offer something for everyone—stir up a pot tonight and enjoy!


Class 4: Center of the Plate / Dessert 

Can’t make up your mind on what to prepare for dinner? Looking for something quick and easy? All of our entrees provide you with fine dine quality and are made with the freshest ingredients by hand. Basic deserts and plate presentation will conclude this series.


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