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Full Service Partnership (FSP)


The Full Service Partnership (FSP) program is a comprehensive and intensive mental health treatment program for children/transitional age youth ages 0-25 and their families.  FSP provides a wide array of services and supports, guided by a commitment to do “whatever it takes” within the resources available to help individuals make progress on their path to recovery and wellness.

What is different about FSP compared to those services offered in a Mental Health Clinic?


FSP Programs are capable of providing many services beyond the scope of traditional mental health outpatient services. Clients who are enrolled in an FSP program receive services when and where they can be most effective.


FSP programs are capable of providing an array of services beyond the scope of traditional clinic-based outpatient mental health services. The following are examples of services that you may receive if participating in a FSP program.


  • Counseling for your child and family members.

  • Peer and parent support from people who have had experiences similar to yours.

  • Assistance in obtaining transportation relating to the mental health treatment goal.

  • Help with access to physical health care for your child and family members.

  • Assistance in obtaining needed supports in the educational setting.

  • Assistance in finding a safe and affordable place to live or assistance remaining in a present home.

  • Assistance getting the eligible benefits for your child and family.

  • Linkage to specialty services including substance use, domestic violence,  support groups, or community activities


Services are provided by a FSP team which may include a mental health therapist, case manager, parent partner, and psychiatrist dedicated to working with your child and family as you plan and accomplish goals that are important to your mental health, well-being, safety and stability. Services are provided in the home or the community.  Those participating in a FSP program will have the support of a service provider 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Interested in FSP Services?

To be considered for a Children’s FSP program, a referral must be submitted to a Department of Mental Health Impact Unit.


Tessie Cleveland Community Services can you assist you in the referral process. 

If interested please call (323) 586-7333 and ask for the FSP coordinator.  


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