Family Night

Every 3rd Wednesday, from 6:30 p.m. to 8 p.m., at our Gardena location, TCCSC provides an educational and social forum for parents, families and their children to learn about a topic that is related to their children, and network with one another to build on their social supports.  Free childcare and dinner are provided for all participants.  This is free and open to community members too. Please see attached schedule.  

Improving Parenting Skills
  • Learn how to set boundaries and structure

  • Share ideas with peers about how to improve parenting skills

  • Tips for effective communications

  • Discuss with other parents about stress and self-care

MARCH 21st
Discussion on Drugs
  • How to talk to my child about drugs

  • Learn about the signs and symptoms of drug use

  • Discuss how to talk to your child about drug use

  • Find out about resources for drug prevention


APRIL 18th
Overcoming Peer Pressure
  • How to talk to your child about sex

  • What is normal sexual behaviour

  • Discuss how to talk to your child about sex

  • Gang involvement and prevention resources


MAY 16th

Resource Fair for your Child
  • Provide resources for children

  • Opportunities for camps, after-school and summer activities

  • Opportunities for financial assistance activities

JUNE 20th

Normal vs. Abnormal Development
  • Understanding childhood and adolescent development

  • Recognizing abnormal development 

  • Resources


JULY 18th
Fitness and Nutrition
  • Provide tips and suggestions to improve nutrition choices

  • Fitness suggestions - low cost/no cost

  • Resources


Navigating the IEP Process/Working with Schools
  • Learn about how to initiate the IEP process

  • Learn about the steps to the IEP process

  • Discuss ways to best advocate the educational needs for your child

My Child Can Go to College
  • How does IEP impact the client college experience

  • What rights does and IEP student have

  • How to get the client the EDP services

Social Media and My Child
  • Learn about the impact of social media and your child

  • Find out about the dangers of social media

  • How monitoring can help to protect your child

  • Understanding social media lingo

Understanding Mental Health
  • Discussing mental health stigma

  • Services available

  • Understanding services available after being discharged

Resource Fair: Finding and accessing resources in our community
  • Discuss Resource in the community

  • Learn more about the community

  • How to prevent evictions

  • What do if your being evicted

  • Resource on housing opportunities

  • Job resources - resume assistance, job training, etc.

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