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Therapeutic Behavioral Services


Sometimes, all it takes is a little extra support. Therapeutic Behavioral Services are designed to support youth in a variety of settings, including home, foster care, group home, or school. TBS is available to youth ages 0-21, with serious emotional problems or mental health illness, who have full scope Medi-Cal coverage, and are receiving other mental health services.  

What We Do


Staff develops a rapport and formulates incentives to help coach positive problem solving skills.  Focusing on clearly identified goals that are reviewed during each visit, gives the client the unique individual attention he or she needs for success. TBS services are available all day, every day. Services are  provided during school hours, after school, at home, on outings, and during activities – in fact, anywhere that he or she is having the most difficulty.  


The TBS specialist consults weekly and monthly with other team members, which includes parents/caregivers, to evaluate progress and to refine the service plan. As the client progresses toward meeting his/her goals, the team works on a transition plan that will ensure the ongoing success of the client and caregiver. 


Our TBS services go beyond simply providing treatment. Instead it works with the client’s entire system to ensure that all necessary services are provided. From the parent or caregiver, to schools,  or other county agencies our unique multi-disciplinary treatment teams help to maintain children in the most normal living arrangements and avoid hospitalization and/or placement in higher or more restrictive levels of care.


  • One to One Assistance 

  • Individualized Behavior Intervention Plan 

  • Behavior/Impulse Control Interventions 

  • Community Skills Interventions 

  • Enhanced Community Functioning 

  • Medication Support Services 



The goal of TBS is to help youth learn new ways of controlling problem behavior and develop the kinds of behavior that allow them to succeed. It expands the child’s overall treatment goals by addressing specific targeted behaviors or symptoms that place them at risk of losing their current placement, create significant problems in school, or could lead to hospitalization or higher level of care.  

One-to-One Support


TBS provides one-to-one support, guidance, and encouragement to children and  adolescents with serious emotional problems. The program helps youth meet treatment goals and progress to a less intensive level of care.


The team identifies and targets behavioral concerns such as physical aggressiveness, poor impulse and/or anger control, or prolonged withdrawal.  The team reviews the youth’s treatment history, observes him or her in their current environment, interviews family members and others knowledgeable of the adolescent’s behaviors. 

Treatment Team


The treatment team then develops a plan that identifies specific interventions designed to target behaviors and set outcome goals. A designated rehabilitation specialist provides intensive one-to-one counseling for a short period of time, devising supportive strategies and methods to help the child engage in appropriate activities and reinforce daily living skills for success at home, school and in the community.

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