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Rehab Specialist



We are currently seeking dynamic and motivated individuals to work with at risk/SED youth, providing (under close supervision from professional staff) social or mental health services to clients and their families in the home, school or wherever necessary to accommodate the client and their caregiver. This position is responsible for assisting social or health service professionals, by providing supportive counseling and other services as assigned by the professional staff. Those applying must have knowledge of social and/or health service programs and an understanding of the issues of the community.



Specific Education, Certification and Skill Requirements (if applicable):


  * A Bachelor’s degree in a related field – OR -


  * High School diploma or GED plus a MIMIMUM


    of 3 years experience providing direct services


    to at risk/SED youth – OR -


  * Strong verbal and written skills.


  * Bi-lingual Spanish is a plus.




Job Description:


  * Responsible for meeting with clients on a


     regular basis and recording their interactions in


     the clinical files.


  * Work with clients as they move through the


     program continuum.


  * Provide supportive behavioral intervention as


     directed by professional staff. 


  * Secure client and agency information as


     outlined by HIPPA.


  * Assist clients in developing skills in socialization


     and conflict resolution.


  * Refer clients to community resources and other


     appropriate organizations.


  * Accompany clients on regular or emergency


     visits to treatment facilities, social agencies,


     government offices, etc.



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