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Senior Analyst

The Research and Evaluation Department at TCCSC is seeking a Senior Analyst to help guide data collection, analysis, and reporting efforts into the future. The Senior Analyst will help develop database queries and design reports to demonstrate client progress, as well as develop aggregate reports on agency-wide performance data. Additional work functions include performing data analysis and preparing written reports on findings for a non-technical audience, presenting findings to an audience, and conducting trainings. The Senior Analyst will work closely with the Research Director to help guide the phased implementation of data-driven decision making throughout agency practices.


Specific Education, Certification and Skill Requirements (if applicable):

*  Master’s Degree or higher in the Social Sciences,

   Psychology or Social Work (with focus on research) OR

   a Bachelor’s Degree in Informatics, Data Analytics or a related field

*  Research-specific coursework and/or work experience

   (Research Methods, Program Evaluation, Statistics, etc.)

*  Healthcare Industry-Specific Experience and/or Education

*  Healthcare industry experience/education required.

   (Behavioral Health/Mental Health experience/education preferred)

*  Technical Skills in Data Collection/Analysis and Database Management/Development

Job Description:

*  Develop database queries

*  Design reports to demonstrate client progress 


*  Aggregate reports on agency-wide performance data

*  Data Analysis

*  Prepare written reports on findings for a non- technical audience

*  Present findings to an audience

*  Conduct trainings

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