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Senior Wellness Support


Our mission is to help older adults attain and maintain the highest level of independence and personal recovery by providing appropriate support, linkage to community resources, and necessary mental health treatment.


By continually assessing the health, social, economic and housing needs of our clients, the Senior Wellness Support Program promotes wellness through proactive and timely linkages to community-based services. Comfort and accessibility are taken into primary account by providing mental health and case management services where convenient for the client. This service delivery style ensures older adults receive the most appropriate and consistent services possible.

What is the Senior Wellness Support (SWS) Program?


Counseling and support services (case management) assistance targeting the physical, emotional and living situation needs of adults age 55 and older.


SWS Program Services Include:


  • Counseling

  • Assistance arranging medical appointments and help getting there.

  • Transportation to and from additional community services and resources.

  • Assistance obtaining medications.

  • Aid finding a place to live or maintaining current residency.

  • Assistance gaining entitled financial and health care benefits.

  • Education and support encouraging individuals to stay active, incorporate healthy nutrition, and enhance their social networking skills. 


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