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We are currently seeking dynamic and motivated MSW’s to work with at risk/SED youth, to provide individual and/or family treatment in the home, school, or wherever necessary to accommodate the client and caregiver. Therapists seeking hours towards licensure are welcome to apply.



Specific Education, Certification and Skill Requirements (if applicable):


  * MSW


  * Registration with BBS (can complete


     immediately following employment).


  * Strong clinical, verbal and written skills.


  * Knowledge of EPSDT Medi-Cal documentation


     is desirable.


  * Experience providing mental health treatment to


     children and adolescents preferred.


  * Bi-lingual Spanish is a plus.




Job Description:


  * Provide school and outpatient home-based


     mental health treatment to children and




  * Perform evaluations/assessments to determine


     medical necessity.


  * Develop Coordination Plan with the


     child/adolescent and primary caregiver.


  * Orient, support and mentor Rehab Specialists.


  * Monitor client’s progress toward meeting


     personal milestones outlined on the


     Coordination Plan.


  * Manage an average caseload of 5 to 25 clients.


  * Provide individual and group therapy, as well as


     complete clinical assessments, treatment plans,


     and discharge summaries.



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