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Tessie Cleveland Community Services Corp.


Our mission:  To provide stellar social services that are innovative, goal-oriented, measurable and which enhance the quality of life to promote self-determination for individuals served. 
Tessie A. Cleveland

Tessie Cleveland 

Our agency is proud to be named for a community leader and organizer, Dr. Tessie Cleveland. When she succumbed to cancer October 11, 2002 she left behind a legacy of leadership and untold contributions to the social work profession. She was recognized for her hard work through the many awards she was given. Dr. Cleveland was a voice for unserved and underserved communities and for her students at Cal State University at Long Beach. Her tremendous spirit is what our current Executive Director admired about his long time mentor and teacher and we are fortunate to be able to continue her work and touch so many lives in her name.


Therapeutic Behavioral Services
Senior Wellness
Day Treatment Intensive
Evidence Based Practices
Multidisciplinary Assessment Team
Full Service Partnership

Therapeutic Behavioral Services

Wrap Around

Senior Wellness

Day Treatment Intensive

Evidence Base Practices


Multi-Disc Assessment Team

Full-Service Partnership

Quality Assurance

-Chart compliance

Chart compliance is a measurement of the accuracy of the information gathered by our clinicians. 

Tessie Cleveland clinicians consistently score above 96% accuracy

Service Delivery

Tessie serves the unserved and underserved communities in Los Angeles County. 


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